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Monitor For Elderly: Bridging The Fine Line Between Seniors And Prompt Medical Assistance

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Mobile Communications and Its Health Benefits for Seniors

Studies proved that communicating offers health benefits for seniors by stimulating their emotional and physical attributes. It also

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Your Childs Safety

Just5 is a company that was founded back in 2007, ever since it has been gradually becoming the leading cell phone company that provides mobile phones that are designed for optimal ease of use. Amongst its many great features, the cell phones are also useful for emergency response.

Just5 manu

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Wheres The Need To Upgrade?

With technology advancing every year upgrades and "better" products keep coming out encouraging consumers to continuously invest their money into the new product. Some do it because they believe they're getting a better product, some do it because they need something better than what they have but some just do it because they don't want to be the only w

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Holidays Are Here

With the holidays just over yonder its time to start thinking of how we need to save money. How can we save on the things we need everyday? Where can we cut back? How are some ways to bring in some extra money? Not only are the holidays approaching, the seasons are changing so the need for new wardrobe is here as well. We can't go strolling thought the snow in our sandles, it's not j

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Halloween Time Tips

Halloween time is always a fun time, children go out at night, door to door asking for candy as a reward for their cute, scary and creative costumes. As fun as Halloween is, there are some safety tips that should be re enforced and reminded to our children each year.

1. Don't ever go into a strangers house for candy. You never know who you're dealing w

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What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular degeneration is an eye disease caused by the deterioration of the cells of the macula lutea. The macula lutea is responsible for our visual acuity, it is the yellow spot at the center of the retina. In a study funded by the United States Center for Disease Control, research has shown that nearly 9 million individuals were predicted to be faced with macular degeneration by 2010 and the

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Just5 in Canada

Recently I've had a number of customers asking me about the popular Just5 phone and its ability to work in Canada. To answer the question "will the Just5 phone work in Canada?" the answer is Yes! Now what are the best calling plans to fit this phone? What are the features that the phone offers?

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There comes a time in each family when mom & dad need to decide when their child is old enough for a cell phone. But when is it time? Only the parent can tell. With each child the timing might be different, or at least it should be because every child is different. Being the second eldest I always tried to be more rebellious than my sister so I ended up getting earlier

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House Phones & Cell Phones


Land lines are becoming more and more scarce in todays day and age. So many people carry cell phones that land lines seem to serve little purpose. We used to have land lines in case we need to get in contact with someone and cell phones weren't so common. 

Cell phones ar

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Just5 vs. Life Alert


Personal emergency response is a growing industry that is becoming more and more popular over the years. Having a emergency response system on hand or in your home is becoming more convenient and affordable than putting our loved ones in a nursing home, or employing an in home nurse. So when shopping for your alert system, what are some things to co

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Designating Your Teen


Many families have more than one child. When the children are young we appoint someone we trust as a babysitter. There comes a time in every child's life to determine whether he or she is old enough to care for themselves. How we determine this and when we make the decision varies with each child. Based on their personalities, responsibility, and

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Safe Driving

The privilege of driving is one that should always be granted with care, knowledge and prior supervision. Determining when your loved one is ready to start driving should be determined by the persona maturity, responsibility and personal evaluation that can effect the way they manage themselves on the road.


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What Do I Get Mom For Mother's Day?

Mothers Day is less than two weeks away, have you decided on what to get your mother this year? Mothers Day is a day that we celebrate our love, appre

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Grad Gifts!

With May at our feet and June just around the corner the thing on quite a few parents mind is graduation! I know that when I graduated each school bracket I was awarded. We all would like to award our children for reaching new mile stones and making a big accomplishment. To us as adults it may seem "easy" to graduate elementary school, middle school, and high school but

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The Need To Be Aware

Too many people of the world are amongst those with an existing health condition. A large amount of those who have existing health conditions are face with having to care for themselves and a lot of those individuals who need to prov

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The Emergency Response System

How many of your loved ones are without an emergency response system?

Whether you've thought about it or not, it's a very serious and important question to ask yourself. An emergency response system is essential to have in case of an emergency and provides comforting to us when we can't be around our loved ones all the time. From minor situations to extreme emergencies,

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Monitoring Our Children

Every growing child wants a little more freedom as they get a little older, gain more responsibilities, and reach new mile stones. Our job as parents is to make sure that they are learning, adapting, and aspiring as they grow and conquer these mile stones. We need to find healthy and constructive ways of monitoring our children without overshadowing them so that they can feel independent but

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Technology For The Hearing Impaired

Technology for the Hearin

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Tools For The Visually Impaired

Technology, time and brilliant scholars are the main things that keep our world going, advancing and progressing. The things technology and brilliant mind have brought us throughout time have made it almost impossible to to not have some kind of reliabili

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The Economy Is Calling

During these tough times we spend a good amount of time trying to find ways to get the

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The Caregivers Caregiver

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Is A Smartphone a Smart Buy, Really?

Most people will kill today just to have a smartphone. However, is this very expensive purchase really a smart one? In today’s world where simple cell phone options are not anymore the best bets, people all over the world are praising smartphones release after release. What a lot of people do not know is that with a smartphone purchase comes with a lot of trouble in your part. Hence, the idea of a smart

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Do Not Fret If You Can No Longer Hear Audibly: Today’s Technology for the Hearing Impaired Offers Great Comfort

The sense of hearing is indeed very important. Once you begin losing it, there are a lot of things you can miss enjoying already. If you are suffering from loss of hearing, don’t fret. Today, there are a lot of devices that are being designed and manufactured to bring more comfort and convenience to people like you despite your hearing problems. Indeed, today’s hearing impaired devices h

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Your Adult Children Has A Family of Their Own But They Still Need You More Than You Can Imagine

All your children may be grown up already. However, this does not mean that your responsibilities have already ended. Despite the fact that you are growing old and they are all grown up now, you are still a parent and they are still your children. Hence, they still need your guidance, love, support, and attention like they used to. As such,

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Just5 Easyphone: A Simple Cell Phone that Works for Your Greater Safety

Will you believe that there are simple cell phones today that can offer greater safety to you? True enough, there are a lot of cell phones with a personal safety alarm that can very well be handy during emergency situations. One of the simple cell phones with this kind of feature these days is the Just5 Easyphone. This phone has been receiving a lot of good words from the public these days due to the effi

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New Year Safety Tips for Seniors: Avoid the Injuring Mishaps Throughout the Year

Welcoming the New Year is indeed one of the happiest celebrations enjoyed by all groups of people all over the globe. However, in the midst of celebrations, injuries and mishaps may arise. This is especially true for senior citizens. Facing a lot of physical and mental limitations, seniors are the most prone people to New Year’s Day injuries. The great news is that there are efficient safety tips for senior

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Get Ready for Christmas: Learn the Fine Arts of Gift Giving

Christmas is just around the corner and at this point, you must have at least an idea on the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. If you are still not having good Christmas gift ideas, you better get ready to learn the fine art of gift giving.

Christmas gifts are basically not just a tradition these days. The gifts are a means to express care, love, and appreciation to someone

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Top 4 Most Common Christmas Accidents and How You Can Make Your Loved Ones Safe

Christmas is the time to be fun and merry. However, the joy brought by the occasion can be abruptly stopped when Christmas safety is not given attention. Take note that even with the holiday spirit in everyone and every place, Christmas accidents can take place.

There are a lot of accidents that happen during the season. In fact, experts say that some accidents and injuries double or

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How to Build and Keep a Good Relationship to Long Distance Grandchildren

Grandparenting is a very rewarding responsibility. The emotional wonders it brings to aging grandparents can never be exchanged with anything. But what if as a grandparent, you are living away from your grandchildren? Is this the end of your responsibility as a grandparent?

Though challenging, long distance grandparent grandchild relationship can very well last and be nu

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Just5: The Beauty Behind Their Simple Phones

Just5 may be a new player in the cell phone industry but they are definitely making sure their products are at par with the big brands in the market. As compared to other cell phone manufacturers today, Just5 makes sure that all their phones are born and created in their very own premises.

As you may know, even big manufacturers of today are trying to outsource their products to save on t

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Cell Phone as Christmas Gift for Children—A Good Idea or Not?

Many adults, especially parents, may contest the idea of a cell phone as a Christmas gift for children. However, what is actually behind such protests? Is a cell phone among children really a bad idea this coming holiday season?

Cell Phone for Children

What makes a cell phone a bad idea for c

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Holiday Travel Guide for Elderly

One of the perks of the holiday season is the countless travel opportunities it brings. Even seniors love to enjoy a holiday travel. However, with their age, seniors need to be extra careful when they go on a trip. This holiday travel guide will help every elderly find a successful, safe, and convenient travel experience

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Buying Your Kid a Cell Phone—Beneficial or Destructive?

The issue of cell phone use in children is getting louder and louder these days. Parents are often divided in terms of agreeing and disagreeing in giving their children a cell phone. So what are really the offers of a cell phone for kids? Is it safe to say that they are beneficial to both children and parents? Or is it something destructive in the youthful lives of these kids?

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The Benefits of Investing On a Pay As You Go Cell Phone

Did you know that a pay as you go cell phone is a better option most of the time as compared to its postpaid counterpart? Believe it or not, even if you do not get a free cell phone with a prepaid cell phone plan, there are a lot of benefits you can get out of investing on such kind of cell phone.

The Benefits of A Prepaid Cell Phone

What great advantages

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Simple but Useful Candy Bar Cell Phone for Kids and Seniors

Do you know that a candy bar cell phone style can be the perfect phone option for kids and seniors? Read on and find out the great reasons why this cell phone style is a must for almost all young and old cell phone users.

Simple but Useful Candy Bar Cell Phone for Kids and Seniors

A candy bar cell phone may be the

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Cheap Electronics You Can Gift on Thanksgiving Day

Cheap electronic gifts are great for Thanksgiving. Though usual gifts of food are given during Thanksgiving, gadgets can work as great gifts no matter who you are thinking of giving a gift to. And when speaking of electronics, it is good to know that there are inexpensive options that you can always include in your list.

Cheap Watches


3 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts for Grandparents

Are you looking for the perfect Thanksgiving gifts for grandparents? There are basically a lot of things you can choose from. However, not every item in the list can be the most perfect one for your grandpa or grandma. Hence, you must make an effort to find the best gift for them.

For the most perfect Thanksgiving gifts, there are at least three special ideas that will never go wrong

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Show Them You Appreciate Them With These Thoughtful but Inexpensive Gifts for Seniors

Seniors are not very hard to please no matter what kind of gifts for seniors you give them. So this Christmas, it will be just a breeze for you to find a good gift for them. Even if your gift is inexpensive, as long as you have remembered them, seniors will already feel loved and appreciated this season.

Simple Gift Items for Seniors

Here are some thoughtful yet

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Give Your Grandparents a Priceless Gift This Christmas: Revive Their Social Life

What is the best Christmas gift for grandparents this year? If you don't have anything on the list yet, consider adding useful items on the list. You may say goodbye to traditional Christmas gifts for grandparents such as books, gift bags, sewing kits, and the like and consider purchasing things that may help them regain their social life despite their age.

Today, a lot of seniors are exp

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Save Yourself a Buck With A No Contract Cell Phone Plan

Did you know that a no contract cell phone plan can help you save money? Even if contract cell phone plans offer you free cell phones in the end, you will more likely save money in the long run if you do not allow wireless companies to lock you in a contract. Read on and find out how you can really save money with the help of cell phone plans without a contract.

Flexibility a

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3 Things You Should Know when Finding a Starter Cell Phone for Your Child

A lot of children are struggling to have their first cell phone at a young age. Most of the time, children just nag their parents when it comes to giving them cell phones for children as gift for a special occasion in their lives. However, your doubts about cell phone use among children will always be understood. A lot of parents like you fear giving their children a cell phone for reasons such as child security

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Just5 Promotes Responsible Cell Phone Usage Among Children

Cell phones for children are okay so long as every child knows how to use the device responsibly. Threats and distractions brought by cell phones in children are often blocked out of their lives even if they have a cell phone. The secret here is teaching them on using the device responsibly. Hence, as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children the right and responsible usage of mobile phones

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In Home Care Ideas for Baby Boomers Who Nurse Their Elderly Parents

For baby boomers with elderly parents, in home care may not be the best option. However, the cost of long-term nursing homes can be way beyond their means and so boomers choose to nurse their parents at home. In fact, more and more boomers are nursing their elderly parents right at their own homes nowadays. If you are one of them, there is not much for you to worry about. The secret towar

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What Makes Owning a Cell Phone Necessary for Seniors?

For most people, owning a cell phone is a luxury; however, a senior cell phone in the hands of an elderly is often a necessity already. This is true because more often than not, seniors using a cell phone enjoy a lot of advantages out of simply using or, in some cases, having a phone. With the reach of mobile phones these days, the benefits of this device to seniors extend not only inside their homes but as wel

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Elder Abuse Awareness: What You Can Do To Prevent It from Happening to Your Aging Parents

Elder abuse prevention must be learned by every family who has aging members. Believe it or

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Just5 Offers Help In Enhancing Safety of Fall-Prone Seniors

The main causes of injuries among senior these days are falls. Family members of the elderly are long been looking for ways to make seniors less fall-prone in their very own homes. However, senior safety seems to be harder and harder to catch nowadays.

Why Seniors are Prone to Falls?

You may be asking why an elderly is prone to falls. The an

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Just5 Designs a Usable Cell Phone for Visually Impaired People

People who have vision problems still need to use a cell phone these days. Despite their impairment, they need to use mobile phones for their communication and emergency needs. Unfortunately, a lot of cell phones in the market today cannot be used by people with problems in their vision. But thanks to the efforts of several cell phone makers, there is a good future for visually impaired people. The Just5 phone is toda

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Practical Tips for Aging Boomers to Follow In Maintaining an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of people fear the process of aging mainly because of the common negativity it brings; however, a few tips for a healthy life during old age can make a lot of difference. For everyone out there, aging is a natural process that must be accepted with open arms. The way you react to this change can highly impact the way your life will be when old age comes. This article will give you helpful ti

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Why Go For A Prepaid Wireless Cell Phone

Postpaid cell phone plans may be the top choice of a lot of people these days. However, what you must know is that this is not often a practical choice in the first place. A prepaid wireless cell phone plan will bring in a lot of better benefits for you as compared to the more popular option. Read on and find out the advantages you can get

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Lower Your Cell Phone Expenses With Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Don't be blinded by the free cell phone offers of postpaid cell phone plans. Believe it or not, this is not the wisest decision you can ever have when speaking of your communication expenses. If you want something practical and more convenient, you rather have to get prepaid cell phone plans. The benefits you can get out of plans like this will top even the cell phone that comes free together with a postpaid

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Helping You Find the Best Cell Phone Plans for Kids and Teens

Not all cell phone plans will work for your kids and teens. It is of great importance that as a parent, you find the best cell phone plan for kids and teens to make sure they will use the cell phone with control and responsibility. This is true because a lot of kids and teens tend to give their parents a problem when it comes to cell phone usage. A postpaid plan, for instance, can gi

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Reasons Why You Would Want to Buy an Unlocked Cell Phone

A lot of wireless network providers offer locked cell phones to their consumers. This is a common practice when you get a postpaid cell phone contract with them to ensure the device will be used for their network only. However, what a lot of consumers do not figure out today is that there are countless benefits when you buy an unlocked cell phone as compared to getting locked with a par

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Just5 Easyphone: The Best Gift You Can Give to Your Grandma

What is the most ideal gift for a grandma? Ideas including gift baskets, sewing kits, and the like are not anymore the best gift for grandma nowadays. With the onset of technology and the needs for communication and security of an elderly individual, a better gift that can be considered is a good quality cell phone such as the Just5 mobile phone.

Just5 Easyphone for Grandma

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The Views of Parents in Giving Children a Cell Phone

The population of parents is perhaps halved when it comes to the debate on whether children must be given a cell phone or not at their young age. Some parents deeply counteract the idea of cell phone use among children due to several reasons such as distraction in school. On the other hand, other parents are open with the idea of a cel

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A Study About the Benefits of Cell Phone In the Relationship of Parents and Their Children

Most parents disagree with the idea of giving their young children a cell phone. However, what most of them do not know yet is that a cell phone for children can have a very huge impact in their relationship with their children. In fact, a lot of studies and experts have explained how a cell phone can build a b

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Technology As A Worthy Partner of Caregivers

Family caregivers are facing a really difficult job these days. In fact, a lot of them are suffering from burnout, which can be detrimental to their personal health. This is especially true if these care providers take on the responsibility alone. However, with the advancement of technology, caregivers are given the necessary partner in terms of doing their jobs successfully and a lot easier.

Technology is b

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Technophobes Beat Their Tech Fears With Today’s Trusted Anti-Smartphone

Today, no one can really blame technophobes in their view of technology, especially when speaking of cell phones. With more and more Smartphones and complex cell phones today, their fear towards technology might never be given a solution. But thanks to the introduction of anti-Smartphone cell phones today, now, technophobes can welcome technology without any fear and worry.


Cell Phone with Big Buttons and Speaking Keypad Delivers the Convenience You Need In a Phone

Cell phones of today are very complex and sophisticated. That is why more often than not, instead of giving convenience, they become a chore to a lot of people. This is especially true for busy people, technophobes, children, disabled, and the elderly. Thanks to cell phones with big buttons and speaking keypad, people now have a choice when it comes to getting a cell phone that will offer the best of communicatio

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A Cell Phone With Emergency Response System Can Offer You Safety

Today, threats on safety are here and there. This is the reason why a lot of people are living with fear most of the time. However, there is still something you can do to have peace of mind nowadays. You need to find a way to reduce the chances of troubles. One of the things that you can trust your safety to these days is a cell phone with emergency response system. Thanks to the introd

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Simple Cell Phone with FM Radio Makes You Communicate With Ease and Be Entertained

A simple cell phone does not always need to be a boring piece of gadget. Did you know that there are simple mobile phone options that can keep you entertained while not giving up the simplicity and convenience they offer? Thanks to options of cell phone with FM radio, you can continue communicating with ease while being entertained.

Cell Phones with FM Radio

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Should Parents Include a Cell Phone in the School Supply List of Their Kids?

A lot of parents may not trust the idea of giving their school children a mobile phone. However, the truth is that the young ones need this gadget for a lot of reasons. Perhaps, most parents are just looking at the negative side of things. If they care to look at what cell phone for children can offer, they will realize that as a parent, they need to include a cell phone in their kid’s school supply list.
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The Must-Have Things for Baby Boomer Travelers

Baby boomers deserve a break, too. They can go on a trip to any destination they want granted that they secure their safety at all times. Since they have special needs, as a family, you must care enough for them to make sure that they will enjoy every minute of the travel without worrying about safety and security. Good thing that there are products for baby boomers that you can get for them to guarantee the best travel experience for them.

However, take note that t

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Alone but Not Alone: Technology Connects the Socially Isolated People to the World

In today’s world, seniors and the disabled are socially isolated. With their lack of independence being in the picture, it can be expected that they are more alone in their lives as compared to everybody else. However, this fact does not mean that they can forever suffer from being alone. Even if they are mostly alone in the comforts of their own homes, they can never be alone with the help of technology such as a senior

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Easy to Use Cell Phone for Non-Tech Baby Boomers

Baby boomers of today definitely need a cell phone. However, this does not refer to just any kind of phone. What they need is an easy to use cell phone that will answer most of their needs without making their lives even more complicated. With a great number of baby boomers being non-tech, a simple cell phone is just what they need today.

The Importance of

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Practical Devices to Avoid the Dangers of Living Alone

Being alone is not that much of a big issue unless when speaking of seniors and the disabled people. With them being challenged physically, they often are faced with a lot of risks even when they are at the comforts of their own home. However, this fact does not make them want to live independently most of the time. Thanks to today’s technological advancements, there are now devices such as an SOS cell phone that can be taken advantage of to avoid most of the possible dangers of living al

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How To Secure Senior Safety At An Affordable Cost

Senior safety does not always need to be an expensive feat. Did you know that there are a lot of ways to secure senior safety at a very affordable cost? You just have to look at the various options available these days. Read on and find out affordable options in securing the safety of seniors.

Affordable Bathroom Safety Solutions

There are basically a lot of simple amenities that you can easily find and affordably a

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Just5: The Only Creator Of Just5 Cell Phones

Simple cell phones are here and there the market these days. Just5 is just one of the names that are very well making it in the front of the list today. However, what makes the Just5 cell phone different from the rest of the other phones out there? Read on and discover what this brand name has to offer to the rest of the world.

Introducing Just5

Just5 is basically a new name in the fiel

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Cell Phone with Big Buttons: How Does It Benefit Its Targeted Cell Phone Users

A lot of teenagers will frown at the sight of a big button cell phone. However, they are missing the point that cell phones with big buttons of today are very well serving a lot of users all over the world. They may find the design too odd as compared to their compact and sophisticated phones but for some people, big button cell phones especially those with PERS features may be a total l

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Easy to Use Cell Phone With SOS Button: The Most Suitable Cell Phone for Your Elderly

The elderly people are more prone to threats in their lives. In fact, a lot of the older population is at risk these days due to reasons of not being able to help themselves when emergency situations strike in. This is where the help of other people comes in. It is very important that the elderly people are supported with the right help to make sure they will be in good hands during emergency situations like unexpected medical conditions and other physical threats like sudden fall. Thanks to the

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Seniors Falls: How to Avoid It and What to Do If It Occurs

Seniors are very vulnerable to falls. As per statistics, at least one third of the total senior population aged 65 and older will fall. This percentage even increases as they get older. True enough, senior falls must be a major cause of concern. Seniors, together with their families, must not ignore this fact and so as make ways to help them avoid this situation or at least respond to them immediately when this unfortunate event happens. One of the best solutions to this concern is the use of View Full Story >>


What Age Should Kids Get a Cell Phone: A Question All Parents Ask

Today, it seems that younger and younger children are begging their parents a cell phone for themselves. With the modern world they are living and the number of options of cell phone for kids these days, there is no doubt that children are becoming more aware of the technology sooner than what the world is expecting them to be. However, the big question is, at what age should kids get a cell phone these da

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Easy to Use Cell Phone: A Plush Gift for a Practical Price

Your gift does not always need to be expensive. More often than not, it is the thought that counts when speaking of gifts. However, it is important that you find a gift that is not just affordable but also practical and functional. If you want something plush yet affordable and useful, you can go for an eas

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Parents Like Just5 For Their Kids: Know The Reasons Why They Do

Kids usually love to have a cell phone; however, the common problem is that their parents usually do not understand such need. With their young minds, they cannot just become responsible enough with their cell phone usage, not to mention yet a lot of other problems posed by cell phones to today’s younger generation. But thanks to the intro

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Seniors and How They Stay Safe

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for seniors.  Being able to get help when it is required is vital.  There are a multitude of precautions and ways in which seniors increase their chances of being and remaining safe. 

It is recommended to let someone know where you are going before you leave, especially if going out alone, and when to expect you back. Especially if there is a history of memory loss, t

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Cell Phone Trek Reviews the Just5 phone

Tommy Rebik reviews the Just 5 Phone. This is a great phone for anyone who not want to  use a smart phone!

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Seniors and Dealing with Vision Loss

Vision Loss can be very traumatic for anyone at any age, but it can be very difficult for seniors. It affects a person’s ability to be independent and self-sufficient. There are a variety of programs, support groups, and devices that are available today for those suffering from moderate to severe vision loss. It is especially important for seniors to have a mobile device or some type of tracking system to help them get around with their limited visibility.  A medical or mobile device

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GSM Cell Phones: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

GSM Cell Phones: Which Is The Best Choice For You?


The rise of GSM cell phones has

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The first ever smartphone virus

A powerful virus targeting smartphones in China running Google’s Android oper

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Just5 Launches New “Spacephone” Line of Cell Phones

Las Vegas, View Full Story >>


The Ideal Cell Phone for “Technophobes”.

The Ideal Cell Phone for “Technophobes”.

Marketing technology to people who are averted to technology, known as “technophobes”, may not seem li

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Best Christmas Gifts for your Parents: A Simple Cell Phone

The holiday season is fast approaching and many people are getting ready to buy gifts for their loved ones. One of the most difficult gift-hunting task is finding the right gift for elderly parents. Some parents are picky and too particular and it would be good to find a gift that they can both use and appreciate. Generally, gifts for elderly parents are not that difficult to find.

You can think of some gender specific gift ideas, and some people would also love to receive gifts that relate to their interests and favorite hobbies. Before buying your parents a particular gift, think of their situation first. Most of them must be living alone and have gone into retirement. You might as well give them something that could entertain them, or a gadget that they could use to communicate with you more often. The elderly are often lonely, and it is important that you talk to them regularly. That is why one of the best gift ideas for your parents this Christmas might be a cell phone.

The Simpler, The Better

You might be surprised at the gift idea, because most elderly people are not in tune with today’s latest gadgets. You must be wondering how they would be able to use a cellular phone when most phones nowadays are very complicated and have too many features that are unnecessary, especially for senior citizens. The good news is that there are now phones that are made especially for the elderly, children, or people with disabilities. These phones are special because they are not as complicated as today’s smart phones, but have all the important functions of a phone that a person may need.

A cellular phone can offer a lot of benefits to your elderly parents. Aside from being able to communicate with you and their grand children often, they can use it for emergencies. Since they live on their own, having an accessible means of communication is necessary.

Choosing the right model of cell phone is very important if you are going to give it as a gift to your elderly parents. Do not give them smart phones that are too high tech and complicated to use because they might have difficulty in using them and become more of a hassle than a useful thing. Also, they have no use for some of the features that are present in today’s smart phones. It is better to give them something that is simple, but has the important and basic features that they need.

The factors that you should consider when choosing a phone for your elderly loved ones are that it should be simple, have a large interface and keypad, high speaker volume, easily programmable emergency system, a reliable prepaid or postpaid service provider, and a long battery life.
Make this Christmas extra special for your elderly loved ones. Give them a simple and trusty phone so that they can communicate with you more often. 


Seniors and Technology

Contrary to popular belief, technology is not just for the young; even older people can enjoy technological advancements.  The technology that is available now may save lives, or at the least, keep our elders lead independent and comfortable lives.

Of course there are different types of technology that the elderly can take advantage of – medical advancements so that illnesses and resulting disabilit

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Pre-Paid or Post-Paid?

Pre-Paid or Post-Paid?

Constantly being able to communicate and connect with your friends, loved-ones, and colleagues is
now definitely a necessity. Everyone, literally, owns a mobile phone just to make sure that connection
to the world is right in their hands. Because mobile phones now are multi-functional, some may think
that having a mobile phone is an indulgence. While it is true that a phone which allows you to surf the
Internet, pla

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Why the Just5 phone is a smarter choice than Medical Alert Button alone?

Why the Just5 phone is a smarter choice than Medical Alert Button alone?


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Best Thanksgiving Day and Christmas gifts for Parents

Best Thanksgiving Day and Christmas gifts for Parents


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Best Thanksgiving Day and Christmas gifts for Parents

Best Thanksgiving Day and Christmas gifts for Parents


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Improving the Quality of Life Through Wireless Health

Improving the Quality of Life Through Wireless Health.

Modern technology has given us a lot of wonderful things and benefits; the technological advancements of today’s generation has made life a lot better for us as compared to a few decades back. Before, if we want to communicate with someone, we have to leave early in the morning and go to their house ourselves but now, a

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Live Longer With The Personal Emergency Response System

Live Longer With The Personal Emergency Response System

Throughout our lives, it is unavoidable for us to have accidents and medical emergencies. These can range from simple falling a few flights from the stairs, or having an allergy attack to something much worse such as getting into a traffic accident

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Smart vs Easy - What Would You Choose in the Era of Complexity?

Smart vs Easy - What Would You Choose in the Era of Complexity?

 Modern technology never ceases to amaze

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Just5 - Free phones giveaway!

On September 14th 2010, Just5 initiated a phone donation event in "One Generation" recreational center. We was giving away 20 Free phones with a 100 minutes of Free minutes on it. All the attendees and participants who had a chance to receive the phone said that it's a wonderful phone and they will definitely recommend it to a friend.


21st Century - what should we know about the cell phones for kids?

21st Century - what should we know about the cell phones for kids?

 Back in the day, the only means by which we can communicate with other people is through the postal service. Some years later, something

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Prepaid Plans are Now Available with Just5 phones!

We are glad to announce that Prepaid Plans are Now Available with Just5 phones and Jolt Mobile as a Service Provider! Check them out!

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Cell phones for Seniors

Cell phones for Seniors

 Technology has literally made the world a smaller place. Not only can we travel to far areas in a short amount of time, but we also get to talk to people halfway around the globe in an instant. This is

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When to give your kid a cell phone or How young is too young?

Just5 cell

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Smart phones are Getting Too Smart - The Need For Simple Phones is increasing!

The advancement of technology has allowed us to explore possibilities that we have never experienced before, and one of the best examples is how it dramatically improved the ease in communication. Aside from the World Wide Web, one of the most dramatic evidence of the evolution of technology is on our phones. The heavy and bulky cord-connected telephones became cordless, and after a while, the first mobile phone came out, which became sleeker, smaller, and stylish as y

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Cell phones for kids and Kids Security

Cell phones for kids and Kids Security

The greatest fear for any parent is the safety and security of their kids. If it would be permitted, they wouldn’t want to let them out of their sight. Unfortunately, we can’t monitor our kids 24/7 no matter how hard we try. There are times that they have to be away - school, a baseball game, a field trip,

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Cell Phones for Seniors: News, Including No-Contract Cell Phones

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It’s About Time

I have struggled for years trying to hear people on the other end of my cell phone. I have hearing loss in both ears and I could never find a cell phone that was loud enough. Recently, however, I found a company who makes Amplified cell phones View Full Story >>


What is a SIM card and how to Install it in your phone

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As Seen on CNET TV!

First Look at the Just5 Simple Features Phone by Nicole Lee from CNET

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What is a SIM card and why the Just5 phone will not work with Verizon.

 Not everyone knows what a SIM is, or that only GSM phones can use SIM cards (and here in the states that means AT&T, T-Mobile, or any pre-paid GSM service such as AirVoice Wireless or H2O Wireless and Pure Talk USA). This means that you can NOT take a Verizon phone & use it on AT&T, as Verizon uses the competing CDMA technology, and doesn't use a SIM. What is stored in the SIM on

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March 25, 2010

Just5 is good for grandma

While we were perusing through CTIA's list of Emerging Tech award nominees, we noticed an interesting company called Just5. A company based in Europe, Just5 makes and sells basic phones for the elderly...

Read CNET article 

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