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Easy to Use Cell Phones for Seniors by Just5
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How do I check my voicemail on Just5 phone?
Just press and holdl the “1” key from  your cell phone and it will take you directly to your voicemail.


Will this phone work in Canada? Which network?
Yes, the Just5 phone will work perfectly in Canada with the following carriers:
Rogers Wireless.


Can I text on this phone?
Yes, you can!


Does it have predictive text?
Yes it does have it.

 What Bands does this phone work with?
GSM 850/1900 MHz

I don’t see a dealer in my location when search on your website?
If the dealer is not listed in your location on our website that means that we currently don’t have a dealer in your region. Please check nearby locations or order online from Just5.com

Which carriers does this phone work with?
Any GSM carrier, such as AT&T and T-Mobile. You just need a SIM card.


Do you provide the service? Is there a contract?
We are now providing you with the Best prepaid service through Jolt Mobile! Starting December 1st 2010, every phone purchased from www.Just5.com comes with a FREE prepaid SIM card in it. There’s NO contract, NO activation fees, and NO credit checks along with it! Just load the amount of money that You need and use it however You want!

The phone’s design is simple, is menu simple as well?
The menu is very easy, functions can be accomplished within 2-3 button clicks.

Who can use Just5?
Everybody! The phone is simple and reliable. Seniors will appreciate the phone for its big buttons and easy operation. It’s perfect for children because of its simplicity of functions. Many people will be attracted to its design and simplicity.

How does the "SOS" button on the back of the phone work?
This function was specifically created for use in case of emergency. When you press the "SOS" button, the phone will start texting and dialing five pre-programmed phone numbers until one of them is answered. When you are connected, the phone will operate in loudspeaker (hands-free) mode. At the same time, while dialing, a loud alarm will sound to attract attention.

Can you block the buttons from accidentally pressing them?

Of course, there is a switch on the side of the phone: switch down to lock and switch up to unlock.

Do I need earphones to listen to the radio?
No, just switch the FM button on and the radio will play on the speaker. You can choose your station by simply moving arrows up or down. Of course you can use the earphones if preferred.

Does the built-in flashlight work if the phone is turned off?
Yes, the built-in flashlight is operated by a switch and works even when the phone is powered off. It is very bright and economical.

What is the battery’s capacity?

Standby time is up to 5-6 days.100 minutes in a talking mode.
On the buttons “ * “ and “ # “ there are images of people. 

What are these buttons for?
You can pre-program speed dial numbers on these two buttons and when you press and hold, the phone dials the number.

Does the phone have good sound?
Yes, it is loud and clear, up to 100 db.

Does the phone have a speaker?
Yes, to activate the speakerphone, press and hold “0” while you are connected.

What is the phone book capacity?
The phone book holds up to 100 phone numbers.  You can store numbers directly in your phone or on the network provider SIM card, in which case you might have more capacity, check with your provider.

What’s in the box?
In the box: your phone with a SIM card, battery, charger, headphones, user manual, and the list of shortcuts on how to set up your phone.

Where can I purchase a Just5 phone?
Just 5 is sold on our website and through authorized distributors in your area.

Are accessories from other brands compatible with Just 5 phones?

The battery and charger must be Just5 products, but you can use other headphones, as long as the connector properly fits into the 3.5 mm headphone port.

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Just5 is the world's leading Easy to Use, Simple, Cell Phones for Seniors supplier. Cell Phones for Seniors are best for People with Poor Eyesight, Hearing problems or People who appreciate the simple operation, and children who need a starter phone. Features include big buttons and "talking keypad" for simple dialing/texting, a high volume speaker for amplified sound, a long-lasting battery for reliability and an emergency SOS button.
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