Why choose Just5?

Just5 gives you reliable and easy to use wireless services all backed by 100% U.S. Based Customer Service. While other modern and slick phones may look nice, they are not easy to operate with aging hands. The award winning Just5 phone has big buttons, a large keypad, and a bright monochrome screen, making it the perfect cell phone for seniors, or anyone seeking an easy to use phone.

Simple and Familiar, With Big Buttons

Seniors are not trying to catch up with today’s runaway technology. Instead of having to figure out all the new and the increasingly complex devices, an older person just wants easy familiarity that brings peace of mind and ability to relax. That’s what Just5 phones were made for.

Comfortable and with a familiar feel, Just5 phones are very senior-friendly. Features such as large buttons, large digits on the screen, easy command navigation, amplified sound, speaker with adjustable volume, and long-lasting battery were designed to make life easier and less stressful for seniors.

Another great feature is the ‘speaking keypad’ – the phone will “say” the numbers as you are pressing them so you can be sure of what you are dialing – no more “wrong numbers”! And you can turn this option on or off as you like.

Some additional nice and useful touches are the built in flashlight and built in radio that are available on all Just5 models. And did we mention that Just5 phone comes in five colors: black, white, orange, grey and red – to suite a variety of tastes.

Get Help with the Most Senior-Friendly and Life-Saving Feature for Free!

Just5 phones’ built in SOS Emergency Response button is a life-saving feature that comes free of monthly charges. Usually, emergency response service is provided at a monthly fee. Although it is smart to have this kind of reassurance, not everyone can afford to have that extra bill every month, and if you can only afford either the cell phone or the emergency response device, you will probably choose the cell phone. With Just5 you don’t have to sacrifice either! Our SOS Emergency Response button is located right on the back of the phone, and it is yours along with the phone, no additional service connection necessary other than your calling plan.


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