Brick Black

69.00 EUR

Just5 Brick is created in cooperation with Art. Lebedev Studio. Case design reminds of those old, carefree times, when the concept „smartphone” has not been invented yet. Big phone keys are easy to press, black and white display and pulled-out metal antenna brings a pleasant nostalgia.

Simple Menu

Simple Menu

Only the essential features of the phone that everyone will understand.


8,5 hours talk time and up to 1 month in a stand by mode.


FM radio where you can pre-set your own favourite stations.


High efficiency flashlight with designated on/off button, works even with drained out battery.
Original features

Original features

just trip®. Helps you to remember your trip route with various symbol hints. flight mode. Saves your battery life during the flight. hand counter. Simple and useful counter.
Size and Weight
Size: 112.4x52.5x17.5 mm
Weight: 90 g
Ring tone volume: 20 dB
Speaker volume: 1dB
Polyphonic ringtones: Yes
GSM 850/1900, 900/1800
Resolution: 128x160px
Type: LCD 65K color
Size: 1.77”
Type: Li-Ion: BL-5C 1000mAh
Standby time: Up to 250 hrs
Talk time: Up to 300 min
Phone: Yes
Charger: Yes
Headset: Yes
User manual: Yes
Data cable: Yes
Box: Yes
Hands-free: Yes
Built-in flashlight: Yes
Built-in FM radio: Works without connected headphone
Vibrating alert: Yes
Flight mode: Yes
Hand counter: Yes
just trip® and jetlag®: Yes
Extra keys and switches
Keyboard lock key: Yes
Flashlight activation key: Yes
FM radio activation key: Yes
Speaker volume control key: Yes
Fast calls with any key: Excluding 0 and 1
In phone memory: 250 enteries
In SIM card memory: 250 enteries
Power bank 5200mAh
Price 20.00 EUR
User manuals
BRICK user manual

Here you can download the user manual for BRICK


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The charge for delivery is calculated choosing the best from two delivery methods: Fedex or DPD delivery. The delivery is performed within 5 days from the payment moment.



There is 2 years brand warranty for all Just5 mobile phones.

For the press
Just5 logo

Here you can download Just5 logo.

Just5 Brandbook

Here you can download the manual on Just5 company style.

Have Just5 mobile phones passed all necessary certifications?

Just5 mobile phones have all necessary certificates and they comply to all corresponding basic standards (ЕАС, РСТ, ССЕ). Phones sold in other countries have certificates of those countries (Europe, the USA, etc.).

Do simple Just5 mobile phones have a "speaker" function?

Yes, you can switch on the speaker by pressing the key 0. This function is very popular for car drivers and those who want to hear their interlocutor better.

What does a simple Just5 mobile phone display when it just lies on the table?

In models CP10S and BRICK the screen when blocked completely fades and gets switched on when you press the key or if there is an incoming call/message. It is done for maximal battery economy. In the model CP09 there is a large clock and a smaller date on the screen. When pressing any key the manufacturer's orange lighting which is pleasant to eyes is switching on. 10 seconds after it fades for battery economy. In some models the settings for lighting work time is available.

What is phonebook capacity in simple Just5 mobile phones?

"Contacts" or phonebook of mobile phones is meant to store 100 to 1000 records depending on the model. In addition to mobile phone memory, you can also store numbers on sim-card.

What does a set of Just5 mobile phones include?

Spacer smartphone set: phone with dark-grey cover, additional white back cover, accumulator, universal USB-charger, USB-microUSB cord, wire headset, short manual, qualitative box.
Just5 Surf set: phone, charger, short manual, package.
For phones with big keys: manufacturer's accumulator of increased capacity, orange charger, wire headset, user manual. Models CP10S and BRICK sets include additional usb/micro-usb cords for recharge.

What compatibility do Just5 simple phones have with accessories?

CP10S and BRICK are recharged via wide-spread micro-usb socket; practically any device can be recharged via usb-cord using manufacturer's orange Just5 charger. Headset socket is ordinary - 3,5 mm, ordinary earphones will fit. The charging device with thin charger is good for all previous Just5 mobile phone models (CP11, CP10, CP09). In models CP10S, BRICK and CP10, and CP11 identical accumulators are used (battery standard BL-5C). Also, you can charge phones CP09, CP10 and CP11 using the 6th-series Nokia phone chargers.

Where would you recommend to buy Just5 mobile phones?

First of all, Just5 mobile phones are sold in company's internet store JUST5, and also in selling networks and at operators approved by the brand in each country. You can make an order on our internet site.

Where else can you buy Just5 mobile phones?

Just5 mobile phone are well sold in countries of Europe and America since the end of year 2009 (in total more than 30 countries). At the beginning of year 2011 Just5 mobile phones are sold in 22 countries of the world under the brand name Just5 and in 11 more countries under brands of cell operators.

Do simple JUST5 phones have some special features that simple keypad phones do not have?

Yes! 1– design! 2– the biggest and handy keys! 3–completely new original interface (in series CP10S and BRICK). 4– "SuperButton" (functions: SOS, flight mode, jet lag, just trip and manual counter) 5–qualitative materials and assembling. 6–external switch for blocking, radio and flashlight. 7–bright orange charger. 8–gift package

What is the difference between simple Just5 phones CP10S, BRICK and previous models?

CP10S and BRICK have a new design (CP10S is upgrade and improvement of popular CP10, but the design of BRICK was developed by "Art. Lebedev Studio"), phones have a new colour screen, a completely new and even more comfortable contrast interface, a new format of micro-usb charger and new functions of SuperButton. And yet, phones retain all advantages of previous Just5 series (external switchers, big handy keys, powerful battery and many other).

Will the Just5 mobile phone work with my sim-card?

Depending on the model Just5 mobile phones work in GSM 900/1800/850/1900 standard and will work with any mobile connection operator supporting the present standard.

What are special features of a simple JUST5 BRICK phone?

The main feature of BRICK is the design by Art. Lebedev Studio. The phone has the basis similar to one of CP10S and the same interface. Except for design, the differences from CP10S are: a long pulled-out antenna for FM-radio, blocking button at the back of the phone (instead of SuperButton), automatic blocking, no SOS function. It is the only Just5 device able to stand on any side!

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  • 1
    The first Just5 phone: We have started to work on the first Just5 in 2008.
  • 2
    Unique design: Just5 Brick is created in 2013 in cooperation with Art. Lebedev Studio.
  • 3
    International brand: Just5 phones can be bought in 33 countries all over the world.
  • 4
    Bestseller: JUST5 SPACER entered “Tele2” TOP5 of bestsold smartphones.
  • 5
    The first Just5 smartphone: At the end of the year 2013 the first Just5 smartphone - SPACER - is released.