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User manuals

Here you can download the user manual for COSMO L808


Here you can download the user manual for FREEDOM C100


Here you can download the user manual for FREEDOM C105


Here you can download the user manual for COSMO L707

FREEDOM M303 user manual

Here you can download the user manual for FREEDOM M303

FREEDOM X1 user manual

Here you can download the user manual for FREEDOM X1

FREEDOM user manual

Here you can download the user manual for FREEDOM

BLASTER mini user manual

Here you can download the user manual for BLASTER mini

BLASTER 2 user manual

Here you can download the user manual for BLASTER 2

BLASTER user manual

Here you can download the user manual for BLASTER

SPACER 2S user manual

Here you can download the user manual for SPACER 2S

SPACER 2 user manual

Here you can download the user manual for SPACER 2

SPACER user manual

Here you can download the user manual for SPACER

SURF user manual

Here you can download the user manual for SURF

BRICK user manual

Here you can download the user manual for BRICK

CP10S user manual

Here you can download the user manual for CP10S

CP09 user manual

Here you can download the user manual for CP09


All prices are indicated in EUR with VAT (21%). Costs of goods delivery to the purchaser are not included into goods price. You have the opportunity to make online payment using the payment cards Visa and MasterCard, as well as the payment system of Bank link Swedbank. During ordering you will be offered to immediately pay for you purchase by card. The delivery is performed only after order payment.


The charge for delivery is calculated individually. The delivery is performed within 5 days from the payment moment.


There is 2 years brand warranty for all Just5 mobile phones.

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Just5 logo

Here you can download Just5 logo.

Right of withdrawal

What is the right of withdrawal and when it can be used?

Upon signing of distance contract, i.e., making purchase in the internet store, you can use the right of withdrawal and unilaterally withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days from the date of receiving of the goods.

You are entitled to try the relevant goods within the term of the right of withdrawal to make sure whether it suits your needs and wishes. Remember! Within the term of the right of withdrawal you are entitled to use the goods to the extent required for inspection of the goods (to the same extent as it might be done before purchasing the goods in a regular store).

Upon use of the right of withdrawal you shall be responsible for the use of the goods that exceeds the extent provided for the purpose of inspecting the goods and for such use of the goods within the term of the right of withdrawal, which is not compatible with the principle of good faith, and for the impairment of the value, quality and safety of the goods.

Right of withdrawal form is available at the official website of under the section SUPPORT.

You shall have to deliver the completed and signed “Right of withdrawal” form together with the goods to be returned in full assemblage to the store of Just5 in Brīvības street 40, Riga, within 14 days since the purchase date.

If you use the right of withdrawal, then you shall have to bear the costs related to returning of the goods.

If you use the right of withdrawal, the internet store shall have to repay to you all payments you have made as soon as possible, but latest within 14 calendar days since the date when you have sent the written withdrawal form. The internet store shall repay the money only to the bank account specified in the withdrawal form (the account shall be the same as the payer’s account).

In which cases you shall not be entitled to use the right of withdrawal upon signing of distance contract?

Upon receiving of the goods, please, make sure whether it conforms to the one you ordered –manufacturer, model, size, colour and other important parameters. The right of withdrawal shall not be applicable if the goods, delivered by courier, will have scratches or other mechanical damages and this fact has not been stated at the moment of receiving of the goods.  Upon noticing visible damages of package, please, ask the courier to record it in the delivery note of the goods. Such action will help to determine whether the goods have been damaged during delivery! If the goods are delivered in a damaged package or it looks suspicious, you have the right not to accept the goods at the moment of delivery. 

The completed and signed “Right of withdrawal” form together with the goods to be returned in full assemblage shall be delivered to the store of Just5 in Brīvības street 40, Riga.

Android file transfer

To browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device, please, download this app to your Mac.

Outward appearance of the mobile phone with big keys looks simple. What about the menu?

The mobile phone menu is elementary, any mobile phone function can be reached within not more than 2-3 steps.

To whom would you recommend Just5 phones with big keys?

To everybody! Creative people will like their design, unusual case colours and original performance. Just5 phones are often called "anti-iphones". The phone will be convenient to use with Tablet PC or smartphone and will significantly increase their working time. They are easy to be used by children, safe, simple and do not have games and internet (except for CP10S and BRICK). Older people will love big keys, big number symbols, loud calls and excellently realized basic functions of Just5 mobile phones.

Very big keys are convenient, but can they be blocked from unintentional pressing?

They can. It is very simple. To block them you only need to press the button at the back of the phone.

Is it necessary to connect earphones in order to listen to the radio in simple Just5 phones?

No, switching the side button FM, the broadcast goes through the mobile phone loud speakers. It is loud! Radio station frequencies are selected by up and down keys of the menu. Not many mobile phones can broadcast radio stations without earphones! In some models the radio switching key has a separate settings on/off in the menu.

Does the flashlight work if the mobile phone is switched off?

Yes, the flashlight is switched on by a separate side button, but not via the mobile phone menu. It is very bright and energy-saving, does no discharge the battery. The flashlight works perfectly even if the battery is practically discharged.

How much do the simple Just5 mobile phones work without the recharge?

Depending on the model, the battery charge is enough for 5-6 exploitation days. If you need to talk without interruption (in call centre mode) - the phone will last ~8 hours. In waiting mode the phone can last from 2 weeks to one month. The battery capacity is 1000 mAh, which is more than in most ordinary mobile phones.

How to set a hot-keys function in simple Just5 mobile phones?

In order to set hot-keys enter the menu "Contacts", "Hot-keys", "Set the number", then choose and set the number from mobile phonebook or sim-card contacts to each key. Do not forget to activate the mode in the menu "Hot-keys" by pressing the key "OK" on "Switch on the hot-keys". The hot-key function can be set for keys from 2 till 9, and also for keys "*" and "#".

Have Just5 mobile phones passed all necessary certifications?

Just5 mobile phones have all necessary certificates and they comply to all corresponding basic standards (ЕАС, РСТ, ССЕ). Phones sold in other countries have certificates of those countries (Europe, the USA, etc.).

What volume level do Just5 simple mobile phones have?

The loud speaker volume of Just5 mobile phones has an excellent mark. That could be expected from the phone with "a big heart". The ringtone is loud, of high frequency.

Do simple Just5 mobile phones have a "speaker" function?

Yes, you can switch on the speaker by pressing the key 0. This function is very popular for car drivers and those who want to hear their interlocutor better.

What does a simple Just5 mobile phone display when it just lies on the table?

In models CP10S and BRICK the screen when blocked completely fades and gets switched on when you press the key or if there is an incoming call/message. It is done for maximal battery economy. In the model CP09 there is a large clock and a smaller date on the screen. When pressing any key the manufacturer's orange lighting which is pleasant to eyes is switching on. 10 seconds after it fades for battery economy. In some models the settings for lighting work time is available.

What is phonebook capacity in simple Just5 mobile phones?

"Contacts" or phonebook of mobile phones is meant to store 100 to 1000 records depending on the model. In addition to mobile phone memory, you can also store numbers on sim-card.

What does a set of Just5 mobile phones include?

Spacer smartphone set: phone with dark-grey cover, additional white back cover, accumulator, universal USB-charger, USB-microUSB cord, wire headset, short manual, qualitative box. Just5 Surf set: phone, charger, short manual, package. For phones with big keys: manufacturer's accumulator of increased capacity, orange charger, wire headset, user manual. Models CP10S and BRICK sets include additional usb/micro-usb cords for recharge.

What compatibility do Just5 simple phones have with accessories?

CP10S and BRICK are recharged via wide-spread micro-usb socket; practically any device can be recharged via usb-cord using manufacturer's orange Just5 charger. Headset socket is ordinary - 3,5 mm, ordinary earphones will fit. The charging device with thin charger is good for all previous Just5 mobile phone models (CP11, CP10, CP09). In models CP10S, BRICK and CP10, and CP11 identical accumulators are used (battery standard BL-5C). Also, you can charge phones CP09, CP10 and CP11 using the 6th-series Nokia phone chargers.

Where would you recommend to buy Just5 mobile phones?

First of all, Just5 mobile phones are sold in company's internet store JUST5, and also in selling networks and at operators approved by the brand in each country. You can make an order on our internet site.

What is the difference between the models CP09 and CP10?

The model Just5 CP10 has a new design with more rounded shape. It has a larger screen, increased phonebook capacity (to 500 contacts) and vibration ring.

What else the magic button SOS is capable of in the model CP10 (2010)?

Users of СP10 and CP10 SPACE mobile phones have found a very unordinary use of the SOS button. If you put the SOS button into working mode not programming any numbers on it, then at the incoming call the automatic connection is established and the caller can hear everything happening in the room. And now imagine that you have put the mobile phone in the silent mode and switched on the SOS button, and "accidentally" left it at home …

Do simple JUST5 phones have some special features that simple keypad phones do not have?

Yes! 1– design! 2– the biggest and handy keys! 3–completely new original interface (in series CP10S and BRICK). 4– "SuperButton" (functions: SOS, flight mode, jet lag, just trip and manual counter) 5–qualitative materials and assembling. 6–external switch for blocking, radio and flashlight. 7–bright orange charger. 8–gift package

What is the difference between simple Just5 phones CP10S, BRICK and previous models?

CP10S and BRICK have a new design (CP10S is upgrade and improvement of popular CP10, but the design of BRICK was developed by "Art. Lebedev Studio"), phones have a new colour screen, a completely new and even more comfortable contrast interface, a new format of micro-usb charger and new functions of SuperButton. And yet, phones retain all advantages of previous Just5 series (external switchers, big handy keys, powerful battery and many other).

Will the Just5 mobile phone work with my sim-card?

Depending on the model Just5 mobile phones work in GSM 900/1800/850/1900 standard and will work with any mobile connection operator supporting the present standard.

What are special features of a simple JUST5 BRICK phone?

The main feature of BRICK is the design by Art. Lebedev Studio. The phone has the basis similar to one of CP10S and the same interface. Except for design, the differences from CP10S are: a long pulled-out antenna for FM-radio, blocking button at the back of the phone (instead of SuperButton), automatic blocking, no SOS function. It is the only Just5 device able to stand on any side!

What is the purpose of SOS button at the back of simple Just5 phones?

Emergency call is a very useful function. Pressing the "SOS" button at the back a loud alarm is switched on attracting the attention of people around. At the same time the mobile phone starts to dial four previously entered numbers (these can be relatives or emergency services) sequentially (one by one). When the connection with one of them is established, this person will hear everything that happens. The microphone is very sensitive. And just in case, it sends the text messages with previously written text to these numbers. That can be a text "I need help!" or something else.

What is "SuperKey" JUST5 CP10S phone?

It is an extended variant of the SOS button. Pressing this multi-functional button opens an access to the following options: Flight Mode - "airplane mode", saves the battery and allows not to switch off the phone during the airplane flight; SOS - switches on the alarm, immediately sends a message and dials up to five previously selected contacts from the phonebook; Jet Lag - the fast time settings when changing time zones; Just Trip - the simplest navigation application, which allows to remember the route with the help of symbols-hints; Hand Counter is an easy and handy counter.

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  • 1
    The first Just5 phone: We have started to work on the first Just5 in 2008.
  • 2
    Unique design: Just5 Brick is created in 2013 in cooperation with Art. Lebedev Studio.
  • 3
    International brand: Just5 phones can be bought in 33 countries all over the world.
  • 4
    Bestseller: JUST5 SPACER entered “Tele2” TOP5 of bestsold smartphones.
  • 5
    The first Just5 smartphone: At the end of the year 2013 the first Just5 smartphone - SPACER - is released.

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